Vegan Clothing: Why You Should Be Buying It

Vegan clothing has been gaining popularity in the fashion industry as of late, with many designers adding new lines to their offerings or old ones. But what exactly is clothing, and why should we be buying it? Here’s a quick primer on the topic:

Vegan Clothing Definition & Overview

Vegan clothes are those that do not contain animal products or byproducts. Usually wool, silk, and obviously leather qualify as animal products; however, there are also many dyes that are derived from animal sources, so vegan clothing companies will use vegan-friendly dyes.

Why Should You Be Buying Vegan Clothing?

There are many reasons why you should be buying vegan clothes, here is just a summary of them:

Buy Vegan Clothing For The Animals

The production of non-vegan items harms animals to provide materials for them. These materials are not necessary for the making of clothes, meaning it is causing unnecessary suffering for the animals.

Buy Vegan Clothing To Avoid Unnecessary Waste

The production of non-vegan items requires a lot more effort when compared with vegan options, which can cause unnecessary waste to occur during production and when consumers buy these types of products. Buying vegan clothes reduces this waste considerably.

Buy Vegan Clothing For The Environment

Vegan clothing isn’t just for vegan people! The environment will thank you too! Animal products are harmful to the ecosystem and contribute to climate change due to methane emissions from farm animals.

The production of non-vegan items requires a lot more resources, which can harm our planet due to wasting these resources. Buying vegan clothing helps reduce this effect on the environment significantly, you’ll be saving more than 100 animals every year by not wearing wool or silk!

As you can see there are many reasons why buying vegan clothing is important for the livelihood and health of all animals, the environment and us.

What Clothing Materials Are Vegan Friendly?

There are plenty of vegan options when you’re looking for vegan clothing materials. Here are a few of the most common vegan-friendly fabric types that are popular with vegan clothes manufacturers:

  • Hemp: one of many plant-based fabrics that has been around since ancient times and was used by Native Americans in the 1700s to make teepees, saddle blankets, fishing nets, belts, and shoes
  • Pinatex: vegan leather made from pineapple leaves
  • Recycled plastic: vegan shoes and bags which are produced by recycling old materials such as water bottles, car bumpers etc.
  • Natural plant-based fabrics: vegan clothing made of natural fibres like cotton, linen or silk that is grown naturally without the use of any chemicals or pesticides (most clothes are not vegan as they use nasty chemicals to make them)
  • Bamboo: an incredible plant that grows quickly and is vegan-friendly, plus it makes the softest clothes.
  • Cork: vegan leather made from cork. It’s sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free!

These vegan materials are all fantastic alternatives to the cruel ones that animals suffer for such as animal skin or fur etc. With these options available we should be able to buy vegan clothes without compromising on style or comfort.

Buying vegan clothing means that you are not participating in the unnecessary suffering of animals, for the sake of a leather skirt.

What Clothing Brands Are Vegan Friendly?

100% vegan clothing brands

VAPPÏ – yepp, that’s right, that’s us! Our clothing is 100% vegan and made using sustainable materials which are great for the planet. We can’t get enough vegan clothing here at VAPPÏ!

Vegetarian Shoes – the vegan shoe range is phenomenal with so many different types of shoes.

Vegan Outfitters – vegan clothing, shoes and accessories. Vegan Outfitters is a one-stop vegan clothing store!

Vegan-friendly brands

You can also find a wide variety of vegan clothing from non-vegan brands, including; Jigsaw, Swear and Vivienne Westwood to name just a few. These vegan-friendly brands produce vegan clothing that is made of sustainable materials, such as vegan leather and wool.

H&M released their first-ever vegan collection in April 2018! They have been selling leather replacements for years but now they are offering more options including an amazing faux fur range that looks amazing.

Asos, River Island and Top Shop all offer vegan clothing options now! They have been available for a while but as awareness is growing they become more popular.

If you can not find anything vegan in your local shops don’t worry because there is always the option to shop vegan online. There are plenty of vegan clothing stores out there that offer unique and affordable vegan pieces so you can easily find the perfect outfit for any occasion.


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