The true impact of a vegan diet on the planet

More and more people are switching to a vegan diet. Did you know that in 2020, the number of vegans in the UK increased by 40 per cent? Many have decided to embrace this cruelty-free lifestyle for ethical reasons, while others have made the change to enjoy the health benefits. But there are other good […]

The Shocking Truth About Plastic

We’ve been using plastic since 1862 and it has played a massive role in our world. These days the word “plastic” is more often brought up as a bad thing than anything else, and that is understandable given the obvious environmental toll it has had on our planet. And while this toll has caused many […]

Vegan Clothing: Why You Should Be Buying It

Vegan clothing has been gaining popularity in the fashion industry as of late, with many designers adding new lines to their offerings or old ones. But what exactly is clothing, and why should we be buying it? Here’s a quick primer on the topic: Vegan Clothing Definition & Overview Vegan clothes are those that do […]

13 Reasons Why Bamboo is a Fabric We Can’t Get Enough of

Bamboo is the new fabric that everyone can’t get enough of. It’s lightweight, breathable, and durable – making it perfect for clothing. But why are bamboo clothes so great? Is there a reason behind this craze? Here are 13 reasons why bamboo clothes are so amazing 1) Bamboo is environmentally friendly because it grows quickly, […]